Nicole Hall, née Turle, was born in 1941 and was educated at the Holy Child Convent in Edgbaston and Farnborough Hill.  She married Peter Hall in 1964 and they had two children, Dominic and Amanda, for whose children this book was written.  She died in 2008.

When her children were at school, Nicole began to notice fault lines appearing in the teaching of the Catholic faith in this country, as compared with that received in her own childhood.   She embarked on what was to be her life's work - the promotion of that Catholic teaching with a particular focus on the sacred liturgy.     Pope Benedict XVI, with whom Nicole discussed her work when he was still a cardinal, has recently talked of the importance of grandparents in handing down the faith to future generations.  This book is one Catholic grandmother's attempt to do just that.

Nicole was best known for bringing the scholarly work of CIEL (Centre International d'Etudes Liturgiques) to England and for founding CIEL UK.   An accomplished linguist, she masterminded the translation into English of the multi-lingual liturgical papers presented at the annual CIEL Colloquium in France.  These proceedings were then published and distributed to the Catholic hierarchy and throughout the English-speaking world.   She retired from CIEL UK in 2004.   

It is wonderful that she lived to see the current liturgical revival under Pope Benedict XVI and the publication of the Motu Proprio, 'Summorum Pontificum' in 2007, making the Extraordinary Rite of Mass freely available once more.  

She wrote the 'From Granny with Love' series for her grandchildren about her love for the Catholic faith.