My  wife Nicole, known to many as Nicky,  succeeded in completing the trio of 'From Granny with Love' books just before she died in July 2008.   The task of arranging their publication therefore fell to me.   

A number of contributory factors has led to a slight delay in publication.   However, I hope that the intrinsic merits, in my not unbiased view, of her books will be unaffected by this delay.

To remain as true as possible to her writings, I have left unchanged most of her typescripts.   I have also left her Bibliography and Acknowledgements largely as they were, as I have no way of knowing how to complete them.

As Nicky left no instructions as to which photograph she would like to be placed where, I am exceedingly grateful both to Father Bernard Davenport and also to Francis Phillips for their invaluable assistance.   May I also express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed photographs for the plates.

May I say that I am not aware of having trodden on the toes of any copyright.   Whilst I have made every effort to obtain the necessary permissions for all material used, there may have been inadvertent omissions, which will of course be corrected in any future edition.

Finally, I would like to add my personal thanks to all those who have so kindly helped her and me to enable her writings to see the light of day.

Peter Hall